English Bridge Screensaver 1.0


Size:7.5 MB

Date Added:23 October, 2012



English Bridge Screensaver will show you an animated image when your computer is idle. Everyone passing in front of your computer´s monitor will see an English bridge over moving water. You can set the common parameters using Window´s Screen Saver settings. Using that component, you can set how much time the program will wait when your computer becomes idle before activating itself. It is also possible to tell the program to display the logon screen on resume. Through this option you will also have the opportunity to change the program´s settings. You will not be able to change the image that the screensaver will show, but you can set the desired speed for the moving water, if you want the program to display the image stretched or proportional, if you want the screensaver to play sound. You can also tell the screensaver to show a clock while it is working, and you can decide where should that clock be positioned. The Preview button will show you how the screensaver will look with the options you have chosen.

Systems: Windows

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